II-	Our Services - خدماتنا

II- Our Services - خدماتنا

Audi Capital provides wealth management services through its advisory, custody, arranging, managing and dealing licenses in accordance with the Capital Market Law and its implementing regulations, and the international best practices with a regional perspective.

Audi Capital’s wealth management services:

a. Advisory:
An open architecture regional and international platform advising high net-worth individuals and institutions on local and international investment solutions taking into consideration clients’ investment objectives, return requirements and risk profiles.

The team consists of dedicated and passionate professionals with diversified and comprehensive experience in wealth management, offering the finest quality of service to ensure our clients’ wealth security and growth while matching and exceeding your expectations.

b. Asset Management
One of the most established asset management franchises in MENA with a best in class track record since 2007. The department’s flagship funds are the Saudi Opportunities Fund, Arabian Opportunities Fund and Audi Income Fund. The team also manages all types of MENA discretionary portfolio mandates.

To help maximize our clients’ profits and meet their investment objectives, our services is supported by:
  • One of the most established research teams in the region.
  • Our local expertise and privileged corporate access in the region.
  • Higher potential of Alpha generation in a relatively under-researched universe.
  • Boutique structure offering superior investment flexibility.

Arabian Opportunities Fund

Saudi Opportunities Fund

Audi Income Fund

Fund Name Category Currency Sub Category Fund Objective Unit Price % YTD Change Valuation Date
Arabian Opportunities Fund Audi Capital USD - Growth 14.5512 -5.87 2020/02/25
Saudi Opportunities Fund Audi Capital SAR Shari'ah Compliant Growth 9.8209 -6.7 2020/02/26
Audi Income Fund Audi Capital SAR - Growth 10.2648 0.04 2020/02/26

c. Dealing Services
Audi Capital delivers premium brokerage services and ensures the proper execution of transactions related to private and institutional clients leveraging on Audi Private Bank’s regional and international footprint.
List of Stock Markets the company deal with.

d. Investment Banking
Audi Capital provides financial advisory services such as mergers and acquisitions financial advisory, underwriting services, and structured and project finance to family business and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
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