Asset Management

Asset Management

Fund Management

To help maximize your profit and meet your unique investment needs, our service is supported by:
  • One of the most established research teams in the region.
  • Our local expertise and privileged corporate access in the region.
  • Higher potential of Alpha generation in a relatively under-researched universe.
  • Boutique structure offering superior investment flexibility.
Our investment strategy is based on an opportunistic top-down investment theme approach in a distinctive bottom-up investment allocation framework, which includes country and sector investment processes, proprietary stock allocation process, sophisticated and proprietary risk management systems adapted to local markets.

Arabian Opportunities Fund

Audi Murabaha Fund

Saudi Opportunities Fund

Fund Name Category Currency Sub Category Fund Objective Unit Price % YTD Change Valuation Date
Arabian Opportunities Fund Audi Capital USD - Growth 15.4732 0.09 2020/01/14
Saudi Opportunities Fund Audi Capital SAR Shari'ah Compliant Growth 10.4929 -0.31 2020/01/15
Audi Income Fund Audi Capital SAR - Growth 10.1907 -0.68 2020/01/15

Discretionary Portfolio Management

To make sure you achieve your financial goals and to support you on your business journey, we have fully tailored our strategies and products in Saudi Arabia, the GCC, and the MENA region.
Our team of professional wealth managers offers you privileged service while meeting the highest standards of investment care and expertise.
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