Other Services

Other Services


Audi Capital brokerage service provides you with fast and reliable execution across all major global markets, GCC and the MENA region to invest in equity, commodity and fixed income securities.

Audi Capital provides international institutional and private investors access to the Saudi equity market, otherwise closed to non-resident investors, through a swap framework on a fully segregated basis with no-counterparty risk. This framework has been developed in line with the regulations stipulated by the Saudi Capital Market Authority. Audi Capital gives you access to GCC and Egyptian markets for institutional investors across the region at competitive rates, all within a professional and reliable execution framework.

Real Estate

Our team of seasoned professionals continuously monitors the various trends of the Saudi real estate markets. We believe that Real Estate is an investment class open to cross border investment that should always be managed by local operators.

The real estate division structures CMA approved investments funds or specific investment opportunities for private international and Saudi clients, tailoring solutions around your specific objectives and particular circumstances.

Custody and Clearing

Audi Capital acts as the clearing agent and custodian for all Group Audi entities in both Saudi local market and GCC markets.

Audi Capital is also the fund manager and clearing agent for index and active funds, covering the MENA region. As such, Audi Capital offers you the clearing/custody of all types of securities, including but not limited to shares, funds, fixed income/Sukuk, structured products and derivatives.
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